How it works?

The merchant loads up on AureusBuxx through our token store or a supported crypto exchange, and deposits the tokens into their Tronlink wallet. When a customer makes a successful purchase at their online store, they will earn AureusBuxx tokens which can be held at their TRC-10/20 compatible wallet, sold at an exchange, or redeemed at any participating merchant.

This type of rewards program ensures repeat customers (because the reward is interchangeable at participating merchants), can grow in value, or can be sold at an exchange. Most online merchants spend an average of 8-15% of their gross sales for sales conversion. Our platform is designed to aid in maximizing your sales conversion, profits, and customer loyalty.


The price of AureusBuxx relies on the principles of supply and demand. The more merchants needing tokens for distribution and the less supply that is available, the more valuable AureusBuxx becomes. Using the Tron Blockchain, AureusBuxx transactions between merchant and customer are fast, cheap, and reliable. Using Tronlink, merchants and customers will have complete control of their token holdings. There are two components of the AureusBuxx Platform: our centralized platform, which mainly monitors and registers all transactions between merchant and customer; and our decentralized platform, which is hosted at merchant online stores through a plugin/module/php customization.

Total Token Supply

100,000,000 TRC10 Variant (only used for Consumer Rewards & Redemption)
100,000,000,000 TRC20 Variant (1, 000 TRC20=1 TRC10 for purchase or redemption of TRC10 by consumer / merchant in a private decentralized exchange)

Merchant Airdrops

1st 1,000 Merchants up to 25,000 TRC10 Tokens

To be Sold at Exchanges & Pre-Sale

5,000,000,000 - PRESALE
5,000,000,000 - TRC20 Variant Tokens at different intervals

To be Sold by Development & Marketing Team

5,000,000,000 TRC20 Variant Tokens
20,000,000,000 TRC Variant (Founder) Token (Wont be sold until 12 months after 1st Exchange Listing)

Token Store

65,000,000,000 TRC20 Variant Tokens
New Tokens can be minted if there is less than 5% supply at the Token Store

Centralized Platform


Provide Instant Payment Notification services through the decentralized app. When a customer places an order of cryptocurrency (primarily AureusBuxx), the centralized platform will automatically instruct the decentralized app to update orders as paid.

Token Store

Merchants can purchase a limited supply of AureusBuxx tokens. The limited supply is determined by the merchant's monthly sales. Merchants can only purchase AureusBuxx with Tron.

Directory Listing

All AureusBuxx merchants will be listed in our directory. Merchants must maintain a balance of at least $10 of AureusBuxx tokens to keep their listings live. The directory will increase exposure to AureusBuxx participating merchants and to potential consumers who want to earn crypto.

Shopping Engine (August 2021)

All merchants’ products will be listed at the shopping engine. The requirement will be a minimum balance of $10 of AureusBuxx. The first 100 clicks will be free. Additional clicks will be charged at 5 cents per click. (A minimum deposit of $5 of AureusBuxx will be required.)

Decentralized Application

Third-Party Integration

Our decentralized application will be integrated through plugins/modules/php customization. We will initially integrate with WooCommerce, then Prestashop and Magento. There will also be API protocols and a php template for any merchant stores using an e-commerce that does not have an integration plugin/module in place.

Tronlink Integration

Our decentralized application will automatically integrate merchant and customer Tronlink wallets. Whether it’s a customer or merchant transferring their AureusBuxx, it’s a simple authorization once transactions are verified by the AureusBuxx centralized platform. Each wallet is non-custodial, meaning the merchant and consumer have full control of their wallets.

Reward Distribution

Merchants will be able to adjust how much AureusBuxx they would like to distribute per transaction. (The default rate is 1%.)

Payment Gateway

Merchants can accept TRX (Tron) or any TRC-10/20 Token, such as BTT, FREE, WIN, etc., for a platform fee of 1.75% (paid in AureusBuxx and billed monthly). Merchants accepting AureusBuxx will only be charged 1%. The gateway integrates with AureusBuxx centralized platform for IPN for orders.


Where to buy?


TRC20 Contract Address: TFk8r5ULprV78azx8EkKHPTcdJxrNvB2i3

We are doing a 5 billion token pre-sale at Justswap.

Starting July 12, 2021