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How To Lock And Protect Away Secret Files With GNU Privacy Guard

Users can take advantage of the cryptographic protection offered by GPG to secure files and data that they want... Read More
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Seven Companies You Wouldn’t Expect To Be Mining Bitcoin

What do health and wellness brands, logistics companies and your local Bitcoiner have in common? They’re all hash rate... Read More
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Norwegian Bitcoin Mining Ban Was Struck Down

A bill banning bitcoin mining, authored by the communist party in Norway, was struck down by a majority vote... Read More
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Japan’s Largest Broker Nomura Now Offers Bitcoin Derivatives

Nomura Holdings began trading bitcoin derivative contracts this week including options and futures citing increased institutional demand. Nomura Holdings,... Read More
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Bitcoin Price Tests Critical Support Levels

The realized price of bitcoin is around $24,000 and a lack of long-term holder capitulation means there is potentially... Read More
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What Terra’s Collapse Teaches About ‘Crypto’ and Bitcoin

As yet another altcoin nears zero, the event reminds the community why Bitcoin is the only authentic cryptocurrency. Terra... Read More