What is a Brand Token?

A brand token is a cryptocurrency token aimed at promoting your brand. Whether you are a popular social media influencer, celebrity, cryptocurrency project trying to raise some funds, or a charity, your brand token is closely associated to your brand's popularity. Similar to a MemeCoin such as Doge & Shiba Inu, where the value of those cryptos is based on its popularity. Unlike a meme coin (at least one affiliated with AureusBuxx), a brand token is a TRC10 and/or 20 token which can be integrated with our platform for e-commerce rewards at participating online stores.

Main use case: Britney Spears launches her own cryptocurrency and decides to adopt the AureusBuxx platform to partner with online stores. Participating stores can purchase her token at our private token store where merchants can purchase the BRITNEY TRC10 variety of the brand token either using BUXX (our own crypto token), the BRITNEY TRC20 variety, any supported TRC20, or even Tron in the pairing. The merchant offers it as a reward to their consumers for purchasing their products. The consumer can redeem the token either at an exchange—if the brand token is being supported at an exchange—or at our private token store. Britney's people can approve merchants who can offer their token at their stores, as purchasing these tokens are a form of a celebrity endorsement.

How would the brand earn money from this endeavor?

Whether you are an influencer, celebrity, or charity, your initial sale at our platform will be your first round of earning money from your crypto brand. The next step is to list on an exchange. Many exchanges require tokens to have a huge online community and major token holder counts. Popular brands can easily meet those criteria in a matter of days, but it would take other tokens months to achieve the same level of success. After the initial asset sales at exchanges, the main motivator of price is volume, and the second major motivator is use case. AureusBuxx adds this use case for your brand token, which will create supply, demand, and a revenue stream.

An approved merchant may want to boost sales and offer a "Red Cross Token,” so the purchase of these tokens will fund Red Cross causes. This will increase the sales conversion of merchant sales. The consumer will get their token, redeem it at our private token store, then sell at an exchange.

Types of token structure within our platform:

Brand token case 1: this brand token is a TRC10 only and will only be used within our platform and other internal transfers within your brand. This token will not be sold at exchanges and you can create a flat rate value for it, let's say $0.01 for this example. For merchants to purchase this type of token brand, they will need to buy BUXX (our TRC20 token) in order to purchase your brand token at the private store.

Brand Token Case 2: This brand token is a TRC10 and/or TRC20, and either the TRC10 or TRC20 will be traded, but not both. If the TRC20 will be traded, then the TRC10 will follow the description of token case 1, but its valuation is based on whatever TRC20 is worth in the exchanges. For example, if TRC10 & TRC20 have a supply of 100 million, then the TRC20 variant is worth $0.05 per TRC20, and the value of TRC10 is worth $0.05 per TRC20. If there is no TRC20 and TRC10 will be traded on exchanges, then the valuation will be based on the value of the TRC10 alone.

How does brand token management cash out from the private token store?

Brand token is paired with BUXX. Depending on the value of your token—whether it’s flat or dependent on exchange rate—the valuation of the token supply must equal the valuation of the liquidity.

Use case:

Brand token management wants to put 20 million tokens into our private store, valued at $200,000 based on a $0.01 per token valuation. Brand token management sets up a smart contract at our private store, offering $200,000 worth of their token for approved merchants to buy using BUXX or an exchange-traded Tron-powered token (TRC10/20) or Tron. $200,000 is raised, but only $100,000 can be withdrawn as there needs to be enough liquidity to cover the cost of consumers wanting to redeem their tokens at the store. Once the value of the liquidity is above the value of the TRC10 brand token, the excess liquidity can be withdrawn. This can prove a reliable, steady income for the brand token project.

If the brand team wants to close the contract abruptly without providing liquidity cover for the TRC10 variant they can, but can no longer offer their brand token in our platform and there will be a 10 percent liquidity withdrawal fee. If complete liquidation was part of the plan, then it must be announced prior to the token store listing your brand.

Why can TRC10 tokens be used for rewards but not TRC20?


TRC10 transactions are much cheaper than TRC20 transactions. We can control through API controls of reward disbursement to consumers using the TRC10 variety and prevent merchants from abusing redeeming the TRC10 variant themselves, especially if they bought the tokens at a discount.

Brand Token Pilot Program

PHUCKS is a digital brand token aimed at promoting values of anti-establishment, danke humor, and a good time. Our online store sells various products such as clothing, phone cases, and other accessories where our customers can earn PHUCKS as a reward for their purchase. We strive to grow this brand by doing giveaways, sponsorships, and entering the mobile gaming arena. Unlike a meme coin, a brand token is a cryptocurrency with a purpose of driving its value by engaging the community that supports the eco-system by building real use cases of the crypto token such as earning PHUCKS with our online store and our upcoming mobile app game development.

Further Brand Tokens Will Be Released in 2022