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Institutional Investors Racked Up $274M Worth of Assets Amid Market Crash

The week beginning May 5 and ending May 11 witnessed one of the biggest crashes in the history of... Read More
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Bitcoin’s ‘Difficult’ Past: Exponential Network Growth Powered By Perfect Competition

Reviewing the difficulty changes in Bitcoin’s history demonstrates that the practice of mining is near-perfectly competitive and is becoming... Read More
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Central African Republic To Launch Bitcoin, Crypto Hub

After adopting bitcoin as legal tender, the Central African Republic now wants to create a cryptocurrency economic zone –... Read More
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Bitcoin And The Soul-Seeking Of Humanity

Materialism has taken its toll on the human spirit and Americans are unhappier than ever. Thanks to Bitcoin, people... Read More
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Casa Helps Users Secure Their Bitcoin

It’s imperative to use best practices in bitcoin security in order to protect assets. Jameson Lopp shares the ways... Read More
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Bitcoin Back Below $30,000 After A Record 8 Weeks In The Red

Bitcoin decoupled from equity markets to the downside on Monday after ending last week as the eighth consecutive weekly... Read More
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One Of The Largest Real Estate Developers In Brazil Now Accepts Bitcoin

Gafisa, one of the largest Brazilian real estate developers, now accepts bitcoin for real estate transactions through a partnership... Read More
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Bitcoin Songsheet: How Education Became A Fountain Of Fiat Values

Modern educational institutions are mere shells of the learning centers they once were as a result of fiat incentives.... Read More
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Bank of England Governor Says Bitcoin Is Not Practical

On the Jobs of the Future podcast, governor Andrew Bailey from the Bank of England said bitcoin has no... Read More
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Cloudflare Set To Launch Ethereum Validator Nodes in Support of “The Merge”

The 12-year-old web security company, Cloudflare, announced on May 17 that it would be launching its next series of... Read More