For Consumers

Regular Store Rewards/Cashback Programs

  • Can be only redeemed at one store
  • Stays flat in value, even though product prices can inflate over time
  • Cannot be redeemed for cash


AureusBuxx Rewards Program

  • Can be redeemed at any participating merchant
  • Value can inflate depending on crypto market
  • Can be redeemed for cash at a supported exchange

Consumer Protection

Here are some ways we protect consumers from “bad apple” merchants:

Merchants’ wallet addresses are publicized, so you can review their reward distribution.

Merchants who fail to reward tokens within 14 days are flagged immediately in their merchant profile.

Three infractions of either failure to give rewards within 30-day time period or complaints from a customer (or both), are up for review for potential suspension. Complaining customers must provide evidence of wrongdoing by the merchant. Without submitted evidence, the review is automatically decided in favor of the merchant and complaints will be marked as private on their profile. The potential suspension is decided by registered users with an active balance of AureusBuxx. The review will allow merchants to make their case and share how they plan to remedy the problem, and you as the consumer decide whether the merchant will be allowed stay in our directory and shopping engine. Consumers can choose either no suspension, 30-day suspension, or permanent suspension for the offending merchants.