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Coinbase Leads Users Astray By Recommending Everything Besides Bitcoin

Coinbase capitalizes on the altcoin craze to profit off users. Their “Top 10 Picks” omits bitcoin and everything else... Read More
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Major Increase In Bitcoin Trading Volume

A significant amount of bitcoin changed hands on the United States’ most dominant spot exchange, Coinbase, as investors look... Read More
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Reminder: Withdraw Your Bitcoin Off Exchanges

Needless to say, as it stands today and has stood since the first bitcoin exchange was launched, your bitcoin... Read More
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Coinbase-backed MARA To Advise Central African Republic On Bitcoin Adoption

MARA, a cryptocurrency infrastructure company backed by Coinbase, will advise the Central African Republic on bitcoin adoption after making... Read More
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Goldman Sachs Partners With Coinbase For Bank’s First Bitcoin-Backed Loan

Bloomberg reported that Coinbase borrowed an undisclosed amount of cash that was collateralized by bitcoin in a historic transaction... Read More
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Bitcoin Continues To Flow Out Of Exchanges

Bitcoin is quickly leaving exchanges at a rate not seen in years, with almost 80,000 bitcoin being moved off... Read More
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Silvergate Bank Saw Over $14 Billion in Bitcoin, Crypto Deposited In Q1 2022

Silvergate saw customers deposit an average of $14.7 billion worth of bitcoin and cryptocurrency to the firm’s platform during... Read More
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The Bitcoin Bowl: How Bitcoin Stole Super Bowl LVI

Super Bowl LVI featured a Bitcoiner scoring the game’s first touchdown and commercials referencing bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Bitcoin went... Read More
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Bitcoin Had Its Best Year Ever In 2021

Bitcoin saw many highlights in 2021, its greatest year on record. “The sharp increase in inflation over the past... Read More
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CEOs Testify on Bitcoin Before U.S. Lawmakers

Executives said Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are fundamentally different from the traditional system and need new rules. Chief executives of... Read More