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Going Against The Flow With Bitcoin

A broadcast recorded at Bitcoin2022, reflecting on El Salvador’s bitcoin legal tender law and the intersection of health as... Read More
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An Intersection Of Bitcoin And Health

Many people are beginning to recognize a relationship between Bitcoin and physical and mental well-being. This is one Bitcoiner’s... Read More
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Low Time Preference, Bitcoin And Personal Health

In this episode of “Meet The Taco Plebs,” Mind/Matter and I discussed the connections between the low time preference... Read More
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Why Insurance Companies Need Bitcoin

In a time of monetary inflation, the only place to pool funds for insurance companies is bitcoin. Everyone Loves... Read More
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You Can Use Your Bitcoin To Improve Everyone’s Health

Ideas like soil guardian bitcoin faucets allow Bitcoiners to utilize their accumulated wealth to enact change. I found it... Read More
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Lessons From The Winklevoss Twins On Overcoming Mental Health Stigma

Mental health is a serious issue that affects the Bitcoin community as much as any other — and should... Read More