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Bitcoin Back Below $30,000 After A Record 8 Weeks In The Red

Bitcoin decoupled from equity markets to the downside on Monday after ending last week as the eighth consecutive weekly... Read More
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The Financial Dark Ages Are Ending Thanks To Bitcoin

Bitcoin represents a financial renaissance, which means society still exists in a monetary Middle Ages dominated by the alchemy... Read More
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Bitcoin Plunges To Lowest Level Since January 2021

Bitcoin’s price revisited early 2021 levels on Wednesday as the currency struggled to maintain the $30,000 zone. Bitcoin extended... Read More
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Bitcoin Price Falls As Interest Rates Rise

Rising interest rates may seem bullish for the bitcoin price, but a credit market unwind and hawkish central bank... Read More
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Bitcoin Surges Past $40,000 As Fed Hikes Interest Rates

BTC, the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 have all reacted positively to the Fed’s policy which came in line... Read More
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How The Latest Macroeconomic Trends Are Impacting Bitcoin

How stocks correlation, Grayscale, Russia, stablecoins, rate hikes and more are impacting the bitcoin price today. Watch This Episode... Read More
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Bitcoin Price And Other Markets React To Russia Ukraine Invasion

Bitcoin short squeeze boosts the price while risk assets trade as if maximum fear and uncertainty are priced in... Read More
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Why Jerome Powell’s Policies Are Bullish For Bitcoin

The Federal Reserve continues to create economic conditions ripe for a bitcoin bull market as capital seeks reliable returns.... Read More
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Understanding The Interest Rate Fallacy: The Risks Of Holding Fiat

Today’s low interest rate climate is one that further reduces the opportunity cost of holding base, fiat money —... Read More