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The Performance Cycle Of Public Bitcoin Miners

Using a data-driven approach, it is possible to achieve significant return on investment with bitcoin miners, in both the... Read More
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Bitcoin Back Below $30,000 After A Record 8 Weeks In The Red

Bitcoin decoupled from equity markets to the downside on Monday after ending last week as the eighth consecutive weekly... Read More
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Bank of England Governor Says Bitcoin Is Not Practical

On the Jobs of the Future podcast, governor Andrew Bailey from the Bank of England said bitcoin has no... Read More
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State Of The Bitcoin Derivative Market

The bitcoin derivatives landscape plays a major role in the bitcoin price in the short term. We have yet... Read More
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Like Ruble, Like Shitcoin — Only Bitcoin Gets Its Value Organically

On examination, fiat and shitcoins share the same trick of getting people to give up real value for promises.... Read More
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Bitcoin Brings Maximum Pain for Globalists

The macro picture in Europe looks bearish and as the Federal Reserve signals continued hawkish stance, bitcoin provides a... Read More
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Bill Gates Doesn’t Invest In Bitcoin, Says It Does Not Add To Society

In a recent AMA on Reddit, Bill Gates explained he does not invest in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies because... Read More
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Yield Curves, Inversion, The Eurodollar And Bitcoin

With indications of inflation appearing on the horizon, how can bitcoin serve as a safeguard against the impact? What... Read More
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Russia Legalizing Bitcoin And Crypto Is A Matter of Time, Says Minister of Industry And Trade

Denis Manturov, Russian minister of industry and trade, explains that legalizing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment will happen... Read More