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How Pizza Day Relates To Bitcoin Mining

Laszlo Hanyecz’s significant contributions to Bitcoin far outweigh the possible regret he may have for spending 10,000 bitcoin on... Read More
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Seven Companies You Wouldn’t Expect To Be Mining Bitcoin

What do health and wellness brands, logistics companies and your local Bitcoiner have in common? They’re all hash rate... Read More
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Norwegian Bitcoin Mining Ban Was Struck Down

A bill banning bitcoin mining, authored by the communist party in Norway, was struck down by a majority vote... Read More
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Record Mining Difficulty Shows Industry Growth Despite Bitcoin Bear Market

The bears can’t keep miners down as data shows increasing hash rate — which could lead to some uncomfortable... Read More
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The Future Of Energy Markets According To Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin 2022 offered us a glimpse into bitcoin miners’ crystal ball, as they discussed how the industry will impact... Read More
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So What If Bitcoin Miner’s Fee Revenue Is Low?

Much discussion has centered around the implications of decreasing fee revenue for bitcoin miners — why is it happening... Read More
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Protecting Bitcoin Mining Featuring Nick Hansen Of Luxor

Bitcoin mining company, Luxor, has launched indices that track hash rate price and cost of ASIC miners in order... Read More
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Gold Miners Outshine Bitcoin Miners To Start 2022. Will It Last?

With a sleepy start to 2022, bitcoin has been outpaced by the classic commodity — but this could change... Read More
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How Bitcoin Fixes The Impact Of Illegal Gold Mining In The Amazon

Illegal gold miners will cease their operations when gold is no longer as valued as bitcoin, solving the destruction... Read More
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Bitcoin Hash Rate, Mining Difficulty Hit New All-Time Highs

Bitcoin network’s hash rate and mining difficulty have both made new all-time highs while price keeps constrained in a... Read More