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Bitcoin Price Tests Critical Support Levels

The realized price of bitcoin is around $24,000 and a lack of long-term holder capitulation means there is potentially... Read More
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A Quantified Look At The Monetization Of Bitcoin

Realized market capitalization of bitcoin is one of the best ways to quantify the monetization process and the metric... Read More
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How Much More Loss Can The Bitcoin Market Sustain?

With bitcoin’s price falling, how much more loss can the market sustain and is there more short-term downside? The... Read More
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Bitcoin Realized Market Cap Breaks $400 Billion All-Time High

Bitcoin’s realized market capitalization, a measure of the average cost basis for all bitcoin on the network, has broken... Read More
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Realized Bitcoin Price Breaks All-Time High

The realized bitcoin price, measuring the value of every UTXO last moved to calculate the price of bitcoin, has... Read More