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Casa Helps Users Secure Their Bitcoin

It’s imperative to use best practices in bitcoin security in order to protect assets. Jameson Lopp shares the ways... Read More
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The Problems With Bitcoin Magazine’s Arculus Partnership

Content creators and marketers in the Bitcoin space have a responsibility to help users adhere to the “don’t trust,... Read More
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How To Lock And Protect Away Secret Files With GNU Privacy Guard

Users can take advantage of the cryptographic protection offered by GPG to secure files and data that they want... Read More
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Why Use An Air-Gapped Computer (AGC) For Bitcoining?

Use of an air-gapped computer improves general operational security relative to the exposure other devices experience. I get many... Read More
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The Importance Of Having An Estate Plan For Your Bitcoin

Bitcoin users need to seriously consider their plan for what will happen to their bitcoin when they pass away.... Read More
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Five Reasons Bitcoin Will Replace Credit Cards

Using a credit card to pay for purchases has negative implications for businesses and consumers. Bitcoin provides a better,... Read More
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With Empty Bitcoin Mempools, It’s Time To Consolidate Your UTXOs

Bitcoin mempool levels are frequently empty these days, so it’s a good time to conduct this Bitcoin security best... Read More
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Basic Threat Modeling For Bitcoin Mining At Home

In addition to the KYC-free units of censorship-resistant internet money, mining bitcoin at home brings unique security threats. Home... Read More
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How The Freedom Convoy Could Have Protected Donation Privacy With Whirlpool

Donors to Canada’s Freedom Convoy should have used Whirlpool-mixed bitcoin to break deterministic links and provide forward-looking anonymity. All... Read More
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So You Think You Don’t Care About Privacy

Privacy should matter to everyone, but especially to Bitcoiners interested in protecting their wealth. As a matter of historical... Read More