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Luna Foundation Sold 80,000 Bitcoin Amid UST Crash

The non-profit organization said only 313 BTC are now left on the bitcoin reserves for Terra’s UST stablecoin. Luna... Read More
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What Terra’s Collapse Teaches About ‘Crypto’ and Bitcoin

As yet another altcoin nears zero, the event reminds the community why Bitcoin is the only authentic cryptocurrency. Terra... Read More
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Exchange Inflows Spike As LFG Moves Bitcoin Reserves

The Luna Foundation Guard was forced to send a majority of its holdings to exchanges as it tried to... Read More
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LFG Bitcoin Reserves At Risk As UST Dollar Peg Collapses

As the Terra stablecoin becomes depegged from the U.S. dollar, the biggest buyer of bitcoin in recent months could... Read More
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After Buying $500 Million Of Bitcoin, What Will Luna Do With It?

Luna has purchased more than 11,700 bitcoin, worth about $520 million, to build a reserve for its stablecoin UST.... Read More